State of PokéQuest

BrosiaGetsu posted Thu at 19:39

Many of you may have heard about Pixelmon's recent news, but we would like to take a moment to let you know that PokéQuest is NOT shutting it's doors. We will keep the server open and stay active in developing the quests and other plugins that we have for as long as we can. 

We will be adding a donation goal to the vote store so that you can see the goals we need to reach to keep the server paid for. We hope everyone will stick around and have some fun with us!

Thank you to everyone for being such wonderful players.  See you in game!

PokéQuest Staff

June Top Voters

BrosiaGetsu posted Jul 5, 17

Congrats to June's Top Monthly Voters


                                  LuKy_Nagato                                   Emily_8888                                        Deidara_I 

                                  308 Votes                                          277 votes                                          219 votes


1st place: A Random-Crate and 300 vote points

2nd: A Random-Crate and 200 vote points

3rd: A Random-Crate and 100 vote points 

Thank you for being a Monthly Top Voter!

Speak to a Manager or higher to receive your crate, Vote Points have already been added to your account!

Also Please Note: If you change your name during the month, you will need to let a manager or admin know before the last day of the month as the votes will need to be calculated by hand, the plugin keeps the votes based on name in the top voter section and our logs keep them based on account.

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